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Interactive/Return to Work Program

At HCMS, our focus is to initiate the interactive/return to work process immediately with the primary focus of assisting the employee in achieving full recovery from their respective injury.  Upon injury notification, HCMS professionals will remain in constant contact with the employee, HR Representative and designated physician to monitor rehabilitation progress while at the same time working with all parties to determine and match work restrictions with current employment opportunities within the employer's facility.  HCMS will provide a detailed report that meets FEHA "interactive process" requirements, to protect you as the employer from possible future litigation.

At HCMS we implement a six-step intervention process:

  • Contact the injured employee to review documentation and assign a Claims Adjustor.
  • Determine, describe & document employee essential job functions and duties.
  • Obtain physician work capacities and restrictions, review findings with both the employee and employer.
  • Research and evaluate possible accommodations within the workplace. 
  • Meet with the employee, employer and physician to discuss reasonable work options and extend work offer.
  • Implement and monitor until full recovery achieved, document all discussions and decisions and assist the employee in transitioning back to normal job duty.




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