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Our Philosophy

Hazelrigg Claims Management Services business philosophy is to provide our clients with the highest quality professional and personalized Claims Management service possible from our highly qualified Claims Managers. Our HCMS philosophy originates from our dedication to cost containment, continual communication, cooperation and professionalism. At HCMS, we know that the “cookie cutter” approach towards Claims Management can provide clients with only “half-baked” benefits when compared to our personalized attention directed towards each employer’s unique situation.

By initiating this personalized approach towards our professional service, HCMS gains the ability to close claims both quickly and successfully. This not only benefits the injured employee but the employer and insurer as well. This type of personalized service can also provide a battery of bottom line benefits ranging from better employee relations…to diminishing the chances of claims dragging on in duration. The ultimate result is lower claim costs and improvement in experience modification factors.

Another aspect which remains integral to the HCMS business philosophy is that our company values its independence from other types of service providers and/or professionals that are associated in some way with the Workers’ Compensation industry. While other administrators require the use of specific investigators, rehabilitation service providers and/or attorney’s associated with parent firms, HCMS remains free and independent on our selection of service providers.

As a result, HCMS can choose service providers for our clients based upon credible criteria like their “quality of work” and  “cost-effective prices”-free from outside influences with other agendas. Also, it lets HCMS avoid the propensity of larger TPA firms in “charging back” increased claims costs to clients for ancillary services performed by their administrator’s affiliates.


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