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Interactive / Return to Work Program

Claims Administration, Cost Containment, Information Technology and Training

Data Processing

  • HCMS operates a Web-Based Claims Administration Software that provides detailed data tracking capabilities. 
  • RMIS State-of-the-art-System – HCMS’s state-of-the-art-system SIMS Claims™ Software identifies injuries by type, location, department and job classification including a variety of detailed and complex data tracking, reporting features and formats.
  • Electronic Data Interface – HCMS imports/exports RMIS data using a broad range of formats via a secure Web site on the Internet without concerns about corruption.
  • Client Access – Our software allows all HCMS clients to view their account status in real-time manner to ensure and provide verification that their needs are being met.
  • Electronic Filing of Claims Reports – HCMS has designed a program which allows our clients to prepare and electronically forward their Claims Report (Form DWC 5020).
  • Documents, Records and Files – HCMS maintains all documents, records, files and computer information on behalf of the client for as long as our company serves as their Claims Adjuster.





Arlene Hazelrigg

Sherry Edwards
General Manager

P.O. Box 880
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Telephone: 909-606-6373
Fax: 909-606-0087

Oakland Office

Imelda Canovas
Workers' Compensation Claims Manager

P.O. Box 70070
Oakland, CA 94612

Telephone: 510-817-0930
Fax: 866-548-1521



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