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Account Administration

HCMS’s Modular System and Caseload Constraints have been specifically designed to allow HCMS’s professional and proficient staff to handle the important aspect of  “account responsiveness” both properly and promptly.

  • Modular System-our modular  approach is key to HCMS’s Claims Management success because it ensures teamwork, prompt communications, claim management, consistency and flexibility. Each HCMS account is assigned to a team module consisting at least three individuals; one Claims Supervisor, one Claims Adjuster and a Claims Assistant.
  • Caseload Constraints- caseload constraints give HCMS Claims people sufficient time to do their jobs successfully by maximizing their quality of service rather than their number of claims. HCMS regulates and restricts our Adjusters’ caseloads to a maximum of 150 indemnity claims-significantly lower than the State required standard.
  • Personal Profile- HCMS staffing policies greatly contribute to employee satisfaction and longevity. We require all Claims Supervisors and Examiners to be State Certified and our Adjusters average 12 or more years of experience. This superior experience along with employee retention will ultimately provide our clients with more efficient and effective Claims Management.
  • Cost Containment- HCMS shares our clients’ concerns about the financial aspects of Claims Management and has developed various Cost Containment programs designed to get the best value expended on the program.
  • Gatekeeper Adjusters-HCMS Adjusters represent one of the biggest cost-savings assets we provide our clients today because of their many important responsibilities: developing cost/benefit analyses, controlling investigative services, making/monitoring legal referrals and recommendations, monitoring billings and negotiating legal fees.
  • Lost Control Program-HCMS recognizes that the most effective means of Lost Containment is prevention. To that end, we work with employers to identify potential problem areas and develop strategies to correct these areas to create a safer working environment.


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Oakland Office

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Workers' Compensation Claims Manager

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